Friday, October 16, 2015

Repair Or Replace Sound Reinforcement Gear?

Today, I read an article on the site entitled "The Decision To Repair Or Replace Sound Reinforcement Gear" by Bruce Bain. This article is perfectly suited for this time of year if you are a sound company owner. The summer months are gone and fall is already here providing time to take inventory of all your sound gear and see what needs to cleaned, repaired, painted, or replaced.
Here is the link:

Back in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Canadian Musician magazine, is an article that I wrote called "Buying Used Sound Gear". It was my take on the process of buying used sound gear to create a PA system for bands, musicians and independent sound technicians like myself. In it I talk about the idea of contacting local,  sound productions to see what kind of quality, used gear they are selling off to replace with new, updated gear. Here is the link:

I was thinking about writing a follow-up article to my first one but, I believe that Bruce has touched on everything I would have talked about. Thank you Bruce!

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