Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 2015 Update From The Le Studio Channel

Kevin from the Le Studio Channel on YouTube gives us the lowdown on the recent news about Le Studio Morin Heights, Quebec. Thank you Kevin for clearing up all the details about the recent news reports about Le Studio. Lets watch the video here:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Le Studio Mobile Still Exists!

Part of the legacy of Le Studio still lives on today. Le Studio Mobile is the portable version of the original Le Studio Complex. Le Studio Mobile has been providing live recording on the go for over 30 years! In 2015, there is the version 2 of Le Studio Mobile hard at work. Click on the link below to view the Le Studio Mobile web site and learn about the version 2 of the recording truck.

For a detailed list of equipment installed inside the mobile, click the link here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Albums Recorded At Le Studio Morin Heights QC (1975 - 2002)

Go to the Wikipedia page for Le Studio, Morin Heights and you will find the history of the studio complex along with a list of all the albums recorded at Le Studio. Here is the web link to view:

Le Studio was the main recording studio for a number of their most important RUSH albums recorded!
Rush - Moving Pictures is one of eight albums recorded at Le Studio.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Le Studio Complex in Morin Heights, QC is dying slowly!!!

The former Le Studio Complex in Morin Heights, QC now sadly stands in ruins! The current owners of the once famous recording studio have let the building fall into great disrepair!!! It is sad to see this studio dying slowly deep in the forests of Morin Heights. I just found the most recent video taken in July 2014. The camera eye reveals the building in its current condition. The weather and elements have taken their tole on the building while vandalism is completely apparent.

The currents owners have done nothing to the building or the lands surrounding it since they purchased it a number of years ago. That is really so sad that they are letting this building die a slow death. I think the owners should sell the property to someone who is willing to put the work in to bring the studio complex back to life again. At the current rate of decay, there is a possibility that this building will not survive much longer!!! Someone needs to rescue it from its peril....

Here is a the video I found yesterday showing the deterioration of the building.