Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Travelling to Napanee and Ardoch, ON on Saturday

This Saturday, June 27th, I will be taking my family on a trip to Napanee, ON. and then to Ardoch, ON. to do some camping with our friends at their trailer park. Note the orange circles on the map showing Napanee (on the bottom) and Ardoch (on the top). I am looking forward to the trip and the change of scenery. Last year we went to the trailer in Ardoch and we all loved it up there. The trip from Sarnia to Napanee is approx 6 1/2 hours and then from Napanee to Ardoch is another hour north. I am looking forward to the trip and the nice change of scenery. While I am up there I plan on taking many pictures of the area. When I get back I will post some for everyone to see. Only two more days left of my work and then I am on vacation for 10 days! Yeah!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ten Seconds Over Tokyo - possible reunion?

Do you remember the local Sarnia band "Ten Seconds Over Tokyo"? This band knew how to rock the place! There is a rumour about a possible reunion show this summer at Bayfest. If that is true, it would be an awesome show to see in 2009! TSOT has a huge following of fans from here in the Sarnia area. Ten Seconds Over Tokyo is alive and well on myspace music and facebook. For the myspace music page here is the link to get you there.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Borderline gig at Two Amigos - Sat. June 13

John Tiernay - Guitar, vocals
Mike Doucette - Bass Guitar
Pete Meharg - Guitar, vocals
Bruce Charlton - Drums, vocals
Pete, Mike and Bruce rockin' it up!
Mike and John rockin' in unison!
Last night I was out at Two Amigos listening to Borderline play a few sets of good music. They had Mike Doucette join them on the bass guitar to fill in for their regular Ed Roane. Ed is at home recovering from hip replacement surgery. It was a little strange actually just sitting down with a few beers to listen to the band instead of being behind the mixing board. Coming up on Thursday, June 18 Borderline will be playing another gig at the Dow People Place stage in Centennial Park - Sarnia, ON. I will be mixing sound for that show and we invite you to come down to the waterfront and enjoy a couple hours of great music.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

1st Annual - GREAT BIG JAM!

Coming up in on August 22, 2009, Great Big Sound presents the 1st Annual - GREAT BIG JAM at Dow People Place Stage - Centennial Park - Sarnia, ON. This event is in support of the United Way and local charities. Featuring live performances by: Death of Eight, The Tree Streets, Antennaes, Running Red Lights and four other bands to be announced. This will be an all ages - licenced show with strict wrist band policy in effect. Tickets cost $15.00 each. For more information please call: (519) 490-3800 or check out the web at

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Girls Are Growing Up So Fast!

Erin, Tara, and Mackenzie - Best Friends!

Here are some pictures of my daughters Tara and Erin at a birthday party for their friend Mackenzie. My girls are growing up so fast! Tara is going to turn 7 on June 28th and Erin is 4 years old now. Eight years of my life just flashed by! All I can say is that Tara and Erin both love their daddy very much! Just wait until they become teenagers! The fun has only begun!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Borderline - Upcoming Shows

Here are a few pictures of the band "Borderline" playing at Two Amigos Bar and Grill here in Sarnia, ON. I mix sound for these guys on their gigs when they need me. Now that we are into June, they have a number of gigs lined up over the summer months. Here is a list of the upcoming shows all in the Sarnia area:
Upcoming Borderline Gigs:
Sat. June 13 @ Two Amigos Bar and Grill
Thurs. June 18 @ Dow People Place - Centennial Park
Sat. July 18 @ Two Amigos
Thurs. July 30 @ Dow People Place
Thurs. Aug 13 @ Dow People Place (Hot August Nights with The Barnburners)
Sat. Aug 29 @ Two Amigos
Fri Sept 25 @ Sarnia Polish Hall - Singles Dance
Sat Sept 26 @ Two Amigos
Borderline plays a mix of 50's 60's, classic rock, classic country and some new stuff. Come out to one of their gigs and check them out. They always put on a good show.

Neal Schon Signature Les Paul guitar

Here are two pictures of the Neal Schon Signature Les Paul guitar. This guitar has some cool additions to the standard Les Paul design. The addition of a Floyd Rose vibrato, a built-in Wah circuit, and a Fernandes Sustainer in the neck picup location. This is one very custom Les Paul guitar!
Neal Schon is the guitarist for rock group Journey and is one of my favourite players. When I was 12 years old I bought the Journey album Escape it was my first listen to what an amazing guitarist Neal is. He has written some of the most singable, memorable guitar solos and riffs in rock history. If you are a guitarist, I invite you check out the official web site for Neal Schon.
Here is the link:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

THE JAM - Part 1 - A History

Below is a picture of a piece of artwork called "THE JAM - Part 1 - A History" which depicts faces of many great musicians from our time in a collage drawing. The idea is to see how many performers you recognize from the printed list included. For my birthday, a few months back, my wife bought this piece of art for me and I need to find the perfect place to hang it in my basement/rec room/music space. Take a look and see who you recognize from the picture. I know it is small but, give a try just for fun. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lighter Side of Afghanistan

I have decided to post a couple pictures from my cousin Matt Ziglar's blog page. Matt Ziglar is my american cousin who is a member of the US military and is overseas in Afghanistan. The pictures show Matt with some Afghan kids and he is teaching them how to blow bubbles. Just think about that for a moment........... In the middle of a country in war there are some kids actually smiling and having a little fun! Way to go Matt!!! Maybe they could solve all their problems with "bubbles"! I am sure those kids were having a great time playing bubbles and for a minute not thinking about the problems going on around them. It would be nice if the adults (citizens, government officials, military, police, etc.) in Afghanistan and around could just find a way to get together and solve the ongoing disputes. Put down the guns, and bring out the bubble machines! I think the adult officials should take note from the kids in these pictures to just stop the madness and have fun for awhile. It is nice to see the lighter side of the world!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spotlight On the Les Paul Axcess Standard

Today I was browsing the Gibson guitars web site checking out all the new models coming out onto the market for 2009. Enter....The Gibson Les Paul Standard Axcess. The major addition to this model of the Les Paul Standard is the Floyd Rose Vibrato. It is nice to finally see the addition of a Floyd Rose on a Les Paul! Gibson is now installing the Floyd Rose right at the factory during the building of the guitars. In the past, many musicians have tried to add a Floyd Rose to a Les Paul with mixed results. One of my favourite guitarists is Neal Schon of the band Journey and Neal was one of the first musicians to add a Floyd Rose to Les Paul guitar. Many people thought he was crazy but, he did it anyway.

Below are some pictures of the new Les Paul Standard Axcess guitar with Floyd Rose Vibrato installed. For more information about this guitar, click on the web link on the Gibson guitars web site and get all the details.

The Les Paul Standard Axcess is available in two finishes, has the Floyd Rose Vibrato installed at the factory making it a perfect setup!

Here is a closeup shot of the Axcess body with the Floyd Rose built right into the top of the body and recessed flush with the height of the pickups.

Here is a shot of the back of the guitar. Note the absence of a heel joint and steel plate at the nect joint. This guitar has a neck-through-body style joint making it a very smooth body joint. This allows the player full access to the higher registers on the neck.

Epiphone another Gibson company has Les Paul guitars available at greatly reduced pricing compared with the Gibson Les Paul models. Last summer my wife Jenn entered a radio contest and she won me a new guitar! It was the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. This is an excellent guitar!!!

Below is a picture of the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra model guitar that now own.

Rock it! Everyone!