Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Disorderly Conduct - Live Jeff Healey's Roadhouse

So, here we are revisiting a video of my friend Richard Scarsbrook playing drums with his band "Disorderly Conduct". The song is medley of "White Room/Crossroads" by Cream. They played at the famous "Jeff Healey's Roadhouse" in Toronto, Ontario.
This video was recorded very well and the live sound is awesome! Kudos to the sound tech that night!
Take a look at the video for an awesome performance those classic songs!
Enjoy everyone.

Richard Scarsbrook and the Featherless Bipeds

Here is a video of my good friend Richard Scarsbrook and his band The Featherless Bipeds performing an original song called "Tempting". Richard has been out in front of the vocal mic for awhile now considering that he is one of the best drummers that I have ever played with! He is a multi-talented guy! Rich is a drummer, singer, songwriter, published author, actor, and school teacher.

When I first met Richard about 15 years ago, he had written the lyrics to this particular song with his old band called "The Know". The original version of the song sounded different than this latest version. The new version is really great! I just wish I could watch Richard banging on the drums for this one. It would be awesome to see!

Take a minute to check out this video

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dancing On A Wing - The Works

Back in '89, I was attending Humber College for Technical Theatre Arts and I became a fan of a great Canadian band called "The Works". I just happened to live next door to the lead singer of the band, Brian Malone. Brian told me about his band and gave me a cassette tape of the band's album called "From Out Of Nowhere" circa 1989. Soon after the album was released, I started seeing the videos on MuchMusic all the time. I even attended one of the band's shows in Toronto with some tickets that Brian gave to me. I tried to give away the tickets to my college classmates but, nobody wanted one! They all said "The Works, who?" because, they had never heard of the band before. I went solo to the show and the band rocked the place!!! Next day, I went out and bought the album on CD and to this day I always listen it. It is on my iPod always! Of course, I always wanted to see the video again for "Dancing On A Wing" but, for ages nobody had ever posted it on YouTube. Not until this year. Back in February 2011, "Dancing On A Wing" finally made its YouTube debut thanks to Mr. Brian Malone himself. Brian posted it on his own YouTube page from an old video cassette recording. When you play the video the start is a little rough but, once it gets going, it is a pretty good play. Brian Malone, thanks for posting the video on your page for all of us to enjoy. Here is "Dancing On A Wing" by The Works.