Sunday, October 7, 2012

Allen & Heath ICE-16 - 16 Channel Multitrack Recorder + USB / Firewire interface

Allen & Heath has just come out with another brilliant product. Introducing the new ICE-16 16 Channel, Multitrack recorder + USB / Firewire interface. It is a new way to do multitrack recording, made easy.

Please take a look at the attached video which is quick introduction to the new gear:

The new ICE-16 unit will be an excellent unit to use with the Allen & Heath Mix Wizard series of rackmount mixers. The WZ3 -16x2 would be a perfect match! The ICE-16 unit also has the capability to be daisy-chained together when more inputs are required. The USB drive interface is such an easy way to store the recorded tracks. Up to 6 hours or recording on a 32GB USB stick! What an easy way to record all your band's live shows, rehearsals or anything else that you want to archive. It want to get my hands on one of these cool units and use with my regular band sound gig.

Just from watching the video alone, I can already imagine all the recording jobs could be accomplished with this simple to operate unit.