Saturday, October 27, 2018

Must Have It Tools Of Pro Audio

Ron Behro:  I am freelance sound technician and the piece of gear I would need the most is my Maglite 2D cell flashlight. It is always in my took kit at every gig. There are so many time during a gig where you need to be able to see in dark places. It is just an essential tool!

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Yamaha DXS15mkII Powered Subwoofer: Road Test by Craig Leerman

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It is a Road Test by Craig Leerman for the new Yamaha DXSmkII Powered Subwoofer

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Yamaha DXR Series Powered Loudspeakers

I worked with a band called "Borderline" and they have changed out their passive stage monitors and power amps with compact, Yamaha DXR 10 power speakers for their stage monitors.

The first time I heard these speakers in action I was completely impressed with the excellent sound quality of such a compact, portable, powered speaker! There were so easy to setup and use and provide the band with an awesome stage monitor mix!

With 1100 watts of built in power and onboard DSP, these little beauties sound amazing!
There are very easy to setup and if you need more monitors, you can just plug in and add more to the signal chain.

Here is a video from Yamaha that highlights all the features of the DXR Series Loudspeakers: