Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The Works - From Out Of Nowhere" circa 1989

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone remember a Canadian rock/metal band by the name of "The Works"? Back when I was attending Humber College - Toronto - 1989-90, I was introduced to the band "The Works". I lived next door to Brian Malone, the lead vocalist of the band. Brian was a nice guy and he gave me a stack of free tickets to see "The Works" play at The Diamond Club in Toronto (not sure if that place still exists???) I tried to give away the tickets to anyboby and nobody wanted them so, I just went to the concert myself. The band had released their CD under the name, "From Out of Nowhere" and MuchMusic was playing a couple of their videos in heavy roatation. I thought they were a great band but, most people have never heard of them before. I have been doing web searches to find out where the band members may be hiding these days but, not finding much there. Mostly getting hits for a few people who have the CD in their CD collections. I have even tried finding them on Myspace and Facebook but, still no good hits. If anyone reading this post happens to know of the band and/or know of where the band is now, then please contact me directly and let my know any info. My email address is: rgbehro@hotmail.com

I have posted a couple pics of the front and back of the CD cover for "The Works - From Out Of Nowhere" - 1989 (see pics at top of post)

Ron Behro

Here is an update for this post:

I just found out that the current "Phoenix Concert Theatre" in Toronto, ON is on the same premises as the former "Diamond Club". The Phoenix is located at 410 Sherbourne St. Check out the picture below.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sarnia Ribfest 2009 - July 23-26

Hello Everyone,

Today was the first day of Sarnia Ribfest 2009. The rain did not go away but, this event is rain or shine anyway. I am hoping to take my family tomorrow evening to Ribfest to sample some excellent ribs and see a free concert. Friday night we have "54-40" playing and then on Saturday night there will be Amanda Wilkinson. Maybe we will see you there. Here is the web link to the Sarnia Ribfest web site: http://www.sarniaribfest.com/


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sound Tech Business Card Design # 2

I posted the first design of my sound tech business card on my facebook page and asked for comments, suggestions, etc. My friend Bex from New York, a theatre tech, gave me some suggestions for a redesign. In her opinion the blue background bar with yellow lettering was too distracting. She suggested I just have a black background at the bottom with white lettering. As for the top background and lettering, I decided go with bright yellow letter and black background. The yellow letter really stands out against the black just like bright lights on a dark stage. Take a good look and tell me what you think.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Sound Technician With A New Business Card

Finally I have decided to create a business card to advertise myself as a freelance Sound Technician. When I do the sound gigs around town I figured that I should have a business that I could give out to anyone asking about my services. I do not work for a company, I work for bands who already have their own sound gear. I come and do the live sound mix for the shows using the band gear. I would like to start my own sound company and work part-time as a professional sound tech in the Sarnia-Lambton area. My dream is to get some money together to buy enough gear for a medium sized sound system for most of the bands that play around here. I could just work out of my basement to start as to keep the costs down. If I have a business using just my own personal name then I would not be required to register a business name. If I were to create a company and give it a name, then I would have to register the name with the government. Standard business procedure. Now I just need to find the cash to buy some basic sound system gear. Mixing console, mics, stands, cables, power amps, speakers, subs, stage monitors, EQs, EFX processors, etc. Most people I have talked to about being a freelance tech all want to know if I have my own gear and that is where the problem is. Except for bands that have their own gear and just want a tech. With a sound system I would be in better shape to secure gigs with the many great bands and artists we have here in Sarnia. I will take any suggestions or help with creating my own sound company. I need some constructive ideas of how to begin. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Canadian band "MANTECA" is back!

When it comes to music I mainly listen to rock, classic rock and the blues. I also enjoy listening to some jazz music and have a few favourites. This year one of my favourite Canadian jazz bands got back together after 15 years and recorded a new CD called "Onward". I first discovered Manteca when I attended Humber College in 1989 for Theatre Arts -Technical Production. At that time Manteca was at the height of their career. After listening to their live CD called "Fire Me Up - Live", I was hooked! I found a youtube video of Matt Zimbel, a member of the group talking about the new album "ONWARD". "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome one of Canada's hottest bands....MANTECA!!!

Click this link to see the video: