Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sound Gear Made In the USA!

Today I was introduced some great speakers by Peavey Electronics which are "Made In USA". It is so nice to see that some things are still made in North America. The Peavey EU series speakers and subwoofers are design for portable PA and installation PA systems. The specs and the price are really good for all this gear.
Here is a weblink to the product page for the Peavey EU speakers:


Currently, I am workng on a sound system design proposal for the public school that my kids attend. The school gymnasium/auditorium is in need of a new, installed sound system. I am going to help them work on that project for 2013.

I already helped out with the Dec 2013 Christmas play at the school by borrowing a small sound system  and offering to mix sound for the assembly. It was worth my effort as I was told how great everything sounded by a few teachers after the show. I am looking forward to working on this project.

Anyone out there have any suggestions for a gymnasium sound system design? I will appreciate all the help from anyone who has had the experience of installing gymnasium sound systems. Thanks!