Saturday, November 19, 2016

Great Engineer Interviews: Martin Frey

Sound has an interview featuring Audio Engineering Veteran, Martin Frey.
Click the link to read the interview on the web site:

Back in the mid 90s I was working as the Head Theatre Technician at the Victoria Playhouse in Petrolia, ON. I first met Martin Frey when he came to town with touring artists. Many years had gone by since my VPP days and thanks to Facebook, I was able to connect with Martin Frey once again.

These days I work as a freelance sound tech around my regular day job. I look up to guys like Martin because, I get to tap into their many years of experience and knowledge and a put things to use for my owns gigs. Martin always has the best answers for any professional audio question I have ever asked. Martin has no problem passing on his knowledge to anyone willing to learn and better themselves in the field.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

HOC Dance Club - Sarnia and Forest, Ontario

Welcome To The HOC Dance Club with two locations in Sarnia, ON. and Forest, ON.

My friend Hana owns and operates this local dance studio which is open to participants ages 2 1/2 to adult.

Group Dance Classes are offered for the following programs:

At the end of each dance class session, participants get to perform in a ballet/dance recital show that is held at the Sarnia Library Theatre. That is I where I come in. My job is as sound and lighting technician for each recital show. Recital shows are usually held on Sunday afternoons to allow all the parents and grandparents and friends of the students to attend the show. The next ballet/dance recital show is scheduled for Sunday, December 11th. at the Sarnia Library Theatre in downtown Sarnia. I have worked a few, previous shows and I am looking forward to once again helping out my friend Hana with her upcoming show.

Hope to see you all there!