Saturday, January 22, 2011

My New Guitar Amplifer - Found!

A new guitar amplifier has been on my wish list of items for a very long time and I have found the one I would like to buy. Marshall Amps came out with the Class 5 combo, tube, guitar amp which is the perfect fit for my guitar setup. I am looking for an amp that I can use to practice with in the basement and also use in a jam setup with my other musician friends. The Marshall Class 5 will work for me with it's small size, low wattage power, and reasonable price point. I just found out that it is now available in two colour finishes: standard black, and green. See attached picture below.

On the Marshall website site there is the Marshall Class 5 product launch with featured guitarist, Joe Bonomassa. Joe puts the amp through its paces and it sound great! Here is the web link:
Also on the Marshall website is an archived product review taken from "Guitarist" magazine from the UK, written by Mick Taylor for the Marshall Class 5 amp. Check out the review by clicking the link below. It is a PDF file so be patient while it loads up. Enjoy!
Rock On!