Thursday, November 7, 2019

Yorkville Sound Synergy Array Series Loudspeaker System

Wow! The new Yorkville Sound Synergy Array Series Loudspeaker System looks to be quite a revolutionary speaker system available for a variety of venues and applications. Check out the video below to discover all the potential of this new speaker system. Made in Canada by Yorkville Sound...

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Take a look at this video by Doug Jones of Danley Sound Labs as he explains about the new Synergy Horn technology...

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Must Have It Tools Of Pro Audio

Ron Behro:  I am freelance sound technician and the piece of gear I would need the most is my Maglite 2D cell flashlight. It is always in my took kit at every gig. There are so many time during a gig where you need to be able to see in dark places. It is just an essential tool!

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Yamaha DXS15mkII Powered Subwoofer: Road Test by Craig Leerman

Found this article on

It is a Road Test by Craig Leerman for the new Yamaha DXSmkII Powered Subwoofer

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Yamaha DXR Series Powered Loudspeakers

I worked with a band called "Borderline" and they have changed out their passive stage monitors and power amps with compact, Yamaha DXR 10 power speakers for their stage monitors.

The first time I heard these speakers in action I was completely impressed with the excellent sound quality of such a compact, portable, powered speaker! There were so easy to setup and use and provide the band with an awesome stage monitor mix!

With 1100 watts of built in power and onboard DSP, these little beauties sound amazing!
There are very easy to setup and if you need more monitors, you can just plug in and add more to the signal chain.

Here is a video from Yamaha that highlights all the features of the DXR Series Loudspeakers:

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mackie DL32R 32 Channel Wireless Digital Mixer

Last night I was out at a local bar and grill for the weekly Wednesday Night Jam. The bar is small but, it has a new Mackie DL32R Wireless Digital Mixer installed along with some Mackie SRM450 V3 Powered Loudspeakers installed too.

Last night the owner and my friend Steve, gave me his iPad and told me to have fun with the mix! I am an old school, analog sound guy but, I have been trying out mixing on digital mixers whenever I get a chance. I had never mixed on an iPad until yesterday. After I figured out where everything is located on the pad, I got reasonably comfortable with the process of mixing without a console in front of me.

Mackie has done a wonderful job of designing the Master Fader app for the iPad device! I only scratched the surface of the mixer but, I plan on going back again next week for the jam and perfect my technique!

I visited the Mackie web site to get more information on the Mackie DL32R mixer. I found a number of videos pertaining to the features and operations of the system.

Here is an overall view of the system in this video along with well respected sound engineer, Martin Frey.
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Microphone Techniques For Performers On Stage in Plays and Musicals

Here is a great article about the challenges about using microphone for performers on stage in plays, musicals, dance, opera, etc. This in not the same kind of close, direct miking that you use when mixing a rock band. It takes a great amount of skill to make things sound right and you are always learning how to do it better on every new show...

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New Stage Almost Complete at Centennial Park in Sarnia, ON.

After 4, long years, the remediation work at Centennial Park is getting near the end! Pictured is the new stage, washrooms and concessions currently in construction on the site where the old Dow People Stage once was.

The city says that Canada's 150th Birthday on July 1st, 2017 will be the first event to be featured in the newly updated Centennial Park. The work has taken much longer to complete than originally anticipated and cost much more than first thought.

The park will be reopened in two stages. First at the end of May, the fences will come down around the area of the stage, washrooms and concessions and the playground. Then by the end of June the west side of the park is expected to be opened where the new boat launch will be.

It has been too long since Centennial Park was usable and I am certainly looking forward to going back to it to see many events at the new stage and to just enjoy the park by Sarnia Bay.

Here is picture of what the old Dow People Place used to look like before the park was closed back in 2013 for environmental issues.

As a sound technician, I am hoping to get the opportunity to mix sound for some future shows at the new stage!

Here is a link to the recent article about this story in the Sarnia Journal paper: