Monday, February 15, 2010

Listening To More Jazz Lately

When it comes to my musical tastes, I generally like listening to rock music which is what I grew up with. As I got older, I got more interested in blues and jazz music. When I was younger and working as a theatre technician, I got to work on all sorts of concerts at the venues I worked at. Jazz music grabbed my attention when I was in college and after once I was tech. My favourite jazz music was by: Manteca, UZEB, The Rippingtons, David Sanborn, and from a hometown artist, Jim Clayton. Jim Clayton released his first CD called "Jim Clayton's Greenhouse - Muskoka" in 1997. Once I got a hold of this disc, I have always loved it. This is one excellent jazz CD! I would recommend it to any jazz fan. Jim Clayton has recorded more music since that first CD but, living here in Sarnia, I find it hard to get good jazz music CDs in the music stores around here. For some reason, the stores just don't stock it because, jazz music is not that popular around this city. I am sure you could find the CD in the music stores in the bigger cities. Jim Clayton is now a native of Toronto, ON. where jazz music rules!

For an excellent review of the Jim Clayton's Greenhouse - Muskoka CD, go to the following link on the web site.