Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixing Consoles Released

This year Yamaha has released the newest digital mixing consoles to there full line up. The new Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixing Consoles.

The Yamaha TF Series consists of three models in the lineup. TF1, TF3 and TF5

For a copy of the TF Series Digital Mixing Console product brochure click on the link below:
Yamaha TF Series Brochure

Below is a video of the Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixing Consoles - Design Meets Intuition (Official Release)

This is the Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixing Consoles - Feature Tour Video (Official Release)

To be honest, I have worked on some other previous model, Yamaha digital consoles and I found the learning curve was a bit steep to just jump right in and start mixing. The new Touch Flow system in these digital consoles appears to be much easier to learn how to use than earlier Yamaha digital consoles. I would be very interested in trying out one of the Yamaha TF Series digital mixing consoles on a future sound gig. I look forward to seeing one at my local Yamaha dealer.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sound Tech Tool Kit For Every Gig

Every sound technician should put together and carry a tool kit with all the essential items that you will require for any gig. I carry an aluminum case with all the tools to cover all the technical issues that I may encounter on a gig. It is better to be prepared than not have the tools to do your job.

My Tool Kit is packed into an aluminum tool case which is available at Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart. Here is an example:

Here is a list of items that I always carry inside my tool kit:

Battery-powered multimeter
Cable Tester Unit
Screwdrivers (Robertson, Slot, and Philips)
Combination Wire Cutters/Pliers (FlipGrip - 2 sizes)
Small locking pliers
Miniature screwdriver set
Allen key set
LED Flashlight (Maglite)
Gerber Multi-tool
Measuring Tape
Sharpies (black, blue, red, green)
Pencils, pens, paper pad or coil notebooks
Assorted XLR, 1/4", 1/8" plugs and adaptors
1/8" to 2x RCAs Y-cables
Nylon cable ties
Coloured electrical tape (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow)
ID/Board tape
Soldering iron with solder
USB memory sticks
Assorted Batteries (AAA, AA, 9 Volt)
Sound system test CDs
iPod Nano with sync/power cable
Vocal talkback mic with XLR cable

In a second case, I take the following items to each gig:

Passive and active DIs
Small utility mixer
Studio monitor style headphones
SPL meter
Spare microphone with XLR cable
AC extension cord
Surge-protected power bars x2
AC cables

Monday, July 13, 2015

Making The Live Mix Work No Matter What by Dave Rat

Once again, Dave Rat has written a wonderful article on how to achieve a great sound mix regardless of what happens during the show. Thank you very much, Dave!

As soon as I read this article, I was reminded of a few gigs that went downhill rather quickly and everything went wrong. Yes, I did get upset and yes, I did panic and make even more mistakes. Since then, I have come to realize that staying calm during these situations is the best thing to do.

Dave mentions in his article about taking a step back and assessing the situation while staying calm. More often than not, the problem is usually something that is minor and can be fixed easily with just a little bit of thought and not panic.

Here is the link to article on the Prosoundweb site:

Friday, July 3, 2015

New owner of Rustic has plans to bring big name bands to former historic nightclub

In the current issue of The Sarnia Journal paper is an article about a local Sarnia man who has purchased the Rustic bar on Campbell St. in Sarnia, ON. The new owner has plans to bring big name bands to Sarnia by turning the club into a concert hall.

Here is the link to the article:

It will be nice to have a concert venue where we can see more kinds of bands and artists play locally. Good luck to Stuart Manchee and all his ambitious plans for the former Campbell Street Station.

Here is a picture of new owner Stuart Manchee standing in front of the Rustic club on Campbell Street.