Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guidelines For Portable Racks: The Advantages Of Different Approaches

Here is an article all about the advantages of user quality, portable racks for storage and transportation of all professional sound equipment. I found this article on Prosoundweb site which was originally written by Phillip Giddings. This article is an excerpt from the book "Audio System Designs and Installations" by Phillip Giddings.
Here is the web link to view the article on Prosoundweb:

Below are some picture examples of portable racks in use with professional sound companies. Quality racks cost money but, are worth every dollar to keep all your valuable sound equipment protected.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recording Live to Two Track Recorders

Today, I read an article on about recording live to 2 track recorders. It was written by Mike Sokol and provided by "HOW To Church Sound Workshops".

I would like to say that I have used this same method for recording live to 2 track straight off the mixing console. What Mike suggest here really does work well as an easy method of getting a quality recording from the main mix. Even though this article is for church sound, the methods will work with any basic, live sound, recording setup.

Mike mentions using a CD recorder to make the recording but, you could also use other types of two track recorders for the job. Personally, I made a live, 2-track recording using one of the Tascam DR05 handheld, digital recorders and the results were really good. You could also do a throwback to earlier recorders like a DAT recorder, or even a cassette deck. The method will work with any kind of two track recorder.

Here is a link to view the full article:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yorkville Sound Returns Production Of YX Series Loudspeakers To Canada

Way to go, Yorkville Sound !!!

Thank you for bringing back manufacturing of your YX Series of loudspeakers home to Canada from overseas! Even better that you are able to do this while being able to sell your products at the cost level of production done oversees. This will keep the Yorkville Sound factory in Canada active while workers maintain their steady jobs. KUDOS!!!

The Yorkvile YX Series of loudspeakers is a cost effective product line with excellent sound and build quality at a great price point. All current "made in Canada" built products are shipping now. Yorkville has plans to bring back more YX series models in 2014 and the future.

Here is a list of the now "made in Canada" models available:

YX12C: 200-watt Program (400-watt peak) 12-inch passive loudspeaker
YX15C: 300-watt Program (600-watt peak) 15-inch passive loudspeaker
YX15PC: 300-watt Program (600-watt peak) 15-inch active loudspeaker
YX18SC: 400-watt Program (800-watt peak) 18-inch passive loudspeaker

In my own opinion, Yorkville Sound tends to get look past by many professional sound engineers. Yorkville Sound makes some excellent products for the Canadian sound market for a reasonable cost. The YX Series of loudspeakers is an excellent choice for small, independant sound contractors and local bands alike at a reasonable cost. 

Plus, the Two Year "Even-If-You_Break_It" warranty is just amazing! If you buy Yorkville Sound, you will be covered if and when something goes wrong with your gear. Also, it is nice to know that if you require service on your gear, it only has to ship to the factory for repair here in Canada.

I really enjoy using Yorkville Sound gear that is "Made In Canada"!