Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What Artist or Band Would You Like To Mix Sound For?

Tonight I was reading about the tour profile of Canadian artist Sarah McLachlan. In the article, the tour technicians were saying how it felt like working with a big family during the tour. These seasoned technicians all said that it was their favourite gig to come home to. The techs all loved working with such an awesome group of very talented musicians. Those are great reviews coming from the guys who put together the shows each night!
Here is a link to the article on Prosoundweb.com:

Sarah McLachlan live in concert during Laws Of Illusions Tour

After reading the article I got thinking about which artists I would love to mix sound for if given the opportunity. Here is my list in no particular order:

- Sarah McLachlan
- Jann Arden
- Rik Emmett
- Bruce Cockburn
- Lawrence Gowan
- Colin James
- Randy Bachman
- Barenaked Ladies
- See Spot Run
- Manteca (jazz band)
- Holly Cole Trio
- Blue Rodeo
- Susan Aglukark
- Great Big Sea

Now, you will read my list and notice that I picked All Canadian artists and bands. I truly love Canadian music and most I have seen in concert before. My list is a reflection of the kind of music that I enjoy listening to. I would love to have the opportunity to get behind the console and mix all these wonderful artists. If not mixing the show, then the chance to work on the sound crew getting the systems setup for the shows.

A message to the touring techs on these shows. Would you be able to offer me this opportunity on a show? If so, please contact me directly to discuss the details. I would appreciate the future opportunities! Here is my card. Cheers!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yamaha MC Series Mixing Consoles - The First Mixer I Learned How to Use

Back in the mid 80s, I was a stage technician in our high school drama club. I can still remember seeing the brand new Yamaha MC1204 Mixing Console installed in the sound/lighting booth. Back then, that mixer would have cost thousands of dollars to purchase!

Now fast forward to 2014 and take note of the following online classified ad for the 16 channel version of the Yamaha MC series console. The seller has had the console serviced and cleaned and it is in excellent condition for its age. Asking $375.00 to buy it.

Even though digital mixers have taken over the concert sound landscape, there are still uses for the classic analog mixing consoles. I wish I could just buy this console considering how inexpensive the price is at $375.00. I would like to purchase the console and enjoy its great, analog sounds!

Check out the pic below:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Enduring Legacy of SSL

Recently, I watched the first episode of a documentary about the famous recording studio, Le Studio located in Morin Heights, Quebec. From watching the video I learned that Le Studio had one of the first SSL recording consoles installed in the studio. The SSL console was used to record a number of great artists most notably the band RUSH. The SSL consoles are magic and it is claimed that SSL consoles have recorded more platinum albums than any other console. There have been so many great albums recorded with them throughout the years on the SSL consoles.

Taken from the blog page for Universal Audio, is an article called "The Enduring Legacy of SSL" describing the history and importance of the SSL brand of recording consoles in music history. Please click on the link below to read the article. Enjoy!