Wednesday, July 13, 2016

That Night In Sarnia - A Celebration of The Tragically Hip - August 20, 2016

I was so happy to hear that the CBC has decided to broadcast the final show of the current Tragically Hip tour from Kingston, ON on August 20, 2016.

I am also happy that K106Fm, The Station Music Hall and Apex I.T. put together this cool event!
Cantara Park in Sarnia, ON. will be packed to watch the live broadcast of the show.

Back in May, released a statement that the band’s front man and Canadian music icon Gord Downie had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Shortly after the announcement, The Tragically Hip revealed a Canada wide tour. A true celebration of Gord Downie and over 30 years of Tragically Hip music.

The final show is scheduled for Saturday, August 20th in the Tragically Hip’s hometown of Kingston, Ontario. Many communities throughout Canada will be holding events and broadcasting the concert. Sarnia is doing the same.

K106.3, The Station Music Hall and APEX I.T. Solution is proud to present "That Night In Sarnia". A FREE public event that will begin at 6:00p.m. in Canatara Park 
with Tragically Hip videos and concert footage displayed on two large 30' video screens. At 7:00p.m., local band “The Room” will take the stage and warm up the crowd with an hour of Tragically Hip music. At 8:30p.m., the CBC broadcast will begin. The park will be open for general lawn seating where attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets and bug spray. A beer tent and several food vendors will also be onsite; as well, limited edition event t-shirts will be on sale (pre-order yours today for only $20. see below).

Even though this is a FREE event, donations are being accepted and split between the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research and the Bluewater Health Foundation. 100% of the proceeds from the beverage and t-shirts sales and a portion of the food sales will be donated to the charities.

For more information and to order your Limited Edition "That Night In Sarnia" t-shirts, visit

To volunteer, donate or ask questions, email:

Click the link here to view the event page on Facebook:

Monday, July 4, 2016

Freelance Sound Technician Looking For A Gig

Finally after a couple of months, I am now getting a some more sound gigs over the summer. I have one booked in July on a river boat cruise and the other is at the local bandshell at the beach park. I am happy to work these gigs however, I wish I could find even more gigs to add to the list.

In my local area of Sarnia, ON. many bands are mixing their own sound for their gigs and either don't require a sound tech or just don't want to pay for one. It likely goes hand in hand with the lack of money most bands get to play the gigs in the first place. Still, I believe that most bands require a competent and experienced sound tech to mix their shows. It is one less thing the band has to worry about during a show.

For some reason in my city, there seems to be a less cheapness that comes with the idea of hiring a sound tech and renting a PA system for a show. I would guess that every would like to sound their best and would be willing to hire a sound tech to make that happen. In this city, it seems that everyone wants to cheap out on the sound tech guy.... Too bad because, I have been to some events and shows where the sound was lacking and could have used the expertise of a trained sound tech.

In my city, many clients do not want to pay the cost for a rental sound system and an experienced sound technician. Many people don't even include those costs into their show budgets and expect the sound techs to work for very little or for free. In mu opinion, I am worth the cost of hiring me to do the job. I charge a rate per hour with a minimum flat rate if I am only required for a short period of time. Everything I do is by contract so, I have the ability to adjust my rate depending upon the gig.

In my earlier years, I used to work with the local community theatre groups as a theatre technician for free because, those groups are all non-paying shows. Those days are long gone. I don't work theatre shows from free anymore. I always ask for pay if the groups are offering me work. To me it is no longer just a hobby, it is another form of a paid gig. Needless to say, I have worked many theatre gigs for a number of years.

One-off shows are something that I have been able to work and for those shows I usually set a flat rate for the whole day to make things easier for the client. It works out best for all parties and I have been getting the call to do the same show again the following year or season. Fashion shows and dance recital shows have become part of my portfolio and are guaranteed paid gigs!

With my current presence on the internet with things like Facebook, Linked In, and Blogger, I am starting to get more inquiries about my sound tech services. Word of mouth is also still a viable form of networking. Artists, bands, groups, etc. who I have worked with usually spread the word that I am an available and experienced freelance sound technician looking for work.

So, if you are in the Sarnia, Ontario area and require a sound technician for your show or event, please contact me directly for details. Use contact information below: