Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My friend Brian Malone playing/singing acoustic songs.

Here is a video of my friend Brian Malone playing/singing two acoustic songs. Brian was the former lead vocalist in two different, Canadian, rock bands "The Works" and "Wall Of Silence". I first met Brian in 1989 in Toronto, ON. when I was attending Humber College. We used to be neighbours in the same apartment building. That year, Brian introduced me to his band "The Works" and they were quite popular around the Toronto area and their videos were played on MuchMusic in heavy rotation. The CD by "The Works" was called "From Out Of Nowhere and I still play it regularily.

Recently, I was able to contact Brian again after many years by email and he said they he remembered me from all the years ago in Toronto. Then I found this video here on YouTube which I think is great! I have played it more than a few times and I just love the songs! I could just imagine what they would sound like played with a full band. Guitars, bass, drums, keys, vocals and harmonies. I sure do hope that Brian will record these songs and release them on a CD in the future. So friends, check out this video, take a listen to these songs, and tell me what you think.

Ron Behro

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