Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chronic drunk driver handed life sentence

Today I read a new story about a chronic drunk driver who has received a life sentence for killing a wheelchair-bound Quebec woman with his minivan, though he has escaped being labelled as a dangerous offender. First thing I thought was finally the law was working for the good. Then a friend made a point about how the guy was a repeat offender. He wondered why all the judges before this new one did not prosecute the man to the full extent of the law? That was a good point. There should be no such thing as a repeat offender for a drunk driver, or murderer, or rapist. Why do our laws not work for the victim? So, the judge has made legal history in Canada by handing out the life sentence but, will it set a precident for future offenders? The laws should be changed to reflect the nature of the offense. If you kill someone by drunk driving, then you should get the maximum penalty for your actions. It should be no different than if a person kills someone with a gun, a knife, a rope, or any other weapon. Drunk driving resulting in death of another person is still murder and the laws should reflect it. That is my own opinion. What is yours?

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