Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sound System Design For A School Gymnasium with Stage

Pictured below you will see a typical public school gymnasium that has a proscenium stage at one end. Currently, this venue has two speakers built into the proscenium walls but, they have not been in use for many years. There is no amplification hooked up to them. Instead the school uses a rolling rack, sound system with 2 speakers on tripods as a sound system for the space.

The school has expressed a desire to one day have a new sound system installed in the venue. The main audio requirements are for the sound reinforcement needs of the stage during school assemblies, school plays and other kind of events.

Sound requirements include, sound coverage for the entire length of the room, source audio playback from CD, DVD, and computer audio output. Microphone sources include, podium mic, vocal mic for performers onstage, instrument mic for acoustic guitar pickup for musical interludes during school plays. and DI box for signal from a digital piano.

Speaker gear considered for installation would be full range speakers providing front of house sound to audience, subwoofer(s) for low end support for music playback, speakers mounted above stage for sound effects/music playback for actors, and portable stage monitors for musicians and vocalists performing onstage and in front of stage on floor.

Here is a challenge for all of you sound engineers/technicians/installers. By looking at the pictures, I invite you to consider the design of a sound system for the venue using all the requirements listed above. I am very curious to see what other designers would use for gear in the venue.

For anyone who takes the challenge, I invite you to contact me by email to discuss your design. You may contact me at:

Here are the pictures of the venue:

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