Thursday, November 28, 2013

Common Purpose: Approaches To Effectively Working With Artists

Today, I was reading a great article on about how to effectively work with artists on shows and keep the peace. In my experiences, I have had some shows that were not stellar because, things went wrong and I lost my cool and got frustrated with the situation. Of course, I have learned from my mistakes and I have found ways to work better to accommodate the needs of the artists performing.

The article is entitled, "Common Purpose: Approaches to Effectively Working With Artists", written by Ken DeLoria. Here is Ken's bio:

Senior technical editor Ken DeLoria has mixed innumerable shows and tuned hundreds of sound systems with an emphasis on taming difficult acoustical environments, and he’s also the founder and former owner of Apogee Sound, which developed the world’s first intelligent power amplifier equipped with an embedded microcontroller (DA-800), as well as the TEC Award-winning AE-9 loudspeaker.

If you are a working sound tech on a regular basis or for one off shows, I invite you to read this as it gives great suggestions on how to make things work well on any kind of show. Check out the article at this link:

Ron "Soundtechguy" Behro

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