Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Livewire Remote Recorders, Toronto, ON. Canada

What you are looking at here is a view from the inside of the mobile recording studio owned and operated by Doug McClement of LiveWire Remote Recorders, Toronto, ON. Canada. LiveWire Remote Recorders is a company that offers professional, mobile recording services across North America.

The first time I heard of the company, I was reading a profile of Doug McClement, professional recording engineer in "Professional Sound" magazine. I was fascinated with the mobile, recording truck and the company that Doug McClement has built.

Yesterday, I revisited the official website for LiveWire Remote Recorders at  I was checking the updated site and found some new additions highlighting the great work of Doug McClement. There is a list of all the DVDs and CDs that were recorded live by LiveWire and a demo reel of highlights of recorded shows.

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