Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The Works - From Out Of Nowhere" circa 1989

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone remember a Canadian rock/metal band by the name of "The Works"? Back when I was attending Humber College - Toronto - 1989-90, I was introduced to the band "The Works". I lived next door to Brian Malone, the lead vocalist of the band. Brian was a nice guy and he gave me a stack of free tickets to see "The Works" play at The Diamond Club in Toronto (not sure if that place still exists???) I tried to give away the tickets to anyboby and nobody wanted them so, I just went to the concert myself. The band had released their CD under the name, "From Out of Nowhere" and MuchMusic was playing a couple of their videos in heavy roatation. I thought they were a great band but, most people have never heard of them before. I have been doing web searches to find out where the band members may be hiding these days but, not finding much there. Mostly getting hits for a few people who have the CD in their CD collections. I have even tried finding them on Myspace and Facebook but, still no good hits. If anyone reading this post happens to know of the band and/or know of where the band is now, then please contact me directly and let my know any info. My email address is: rgbehro@hotmail.com

I have posted a couple pics of the front and back of the CD cover for "The Works - From Out Of Nowhere" - 1989 (see pics at top of post)

Ron Behro

Here is an update for this post:

I just found out that the current "Phoenix Concert Theatre" in Toronto, ON is on the same premises as the former "Diamond Club". The Phoenix is located at 410 Sherbourne St. Check out the picture below.

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