Friday, May 13, 2016

What Was The First Mixing Console That You Ever Used?

Flashback to my high school days...I joined the drama club in 1986 so that I could work behind the scenes as a theatre technician. Once I discovered the sound and lighting gear in the auditorium, I was hooked on learning how to use all of it. 

The sound system consisted of a Yamaha MC1204 Mixing Console, Yamaha Graphic EQs, Yamaha Power Amplifiers and JBL loudspeakers and JBL foldback monitors. We used Realistic and Shure branded vocal microphones and for music playback usually a dual cassette deck and portable CD player.

We had a small sound/lighting booth on the 3rd floor up above the balcony level of the auditorium. It used to be a janitor's closest and was about 8ft square in size. There was a 4ft x 4ft opening in the concrete wall that served as the only viewing point to the stage from FOH. There was a raised floor pad about 4ft off the ground that elevated the sound and lighting system up to the height of the window opening in the wall. (Sorry no pictures.)

We had no booth monitors and sound check involved sticking your head out the opening in the wall to hear whatever you could. Still we managed to put on some really great drama club productions with the gear we had!

So here you go...The Yamaha MC1204 Mixing Console...the first mixing console I ever used and learned to mix on: (note: the battery powered, portable, mini speakers that we used as monitors!)

Next we have the FOH EQ and Power Rack: (150ft the approximate length of the cables running from the power amps to the loudspeakers)

...And next we have a picture of the lighting console sitting in the window box with a view of the auditorium looking towards the stage..note the speaker mounted straight onto the proscenium wall)

...and finally we have a current day picture of a Yamaha MC2404 that is currently for sale in my city for $600.00 CDN. It was taken out of a church install and appears to be very and excellent shape considering its age...

There is still life in this old mixer! Digital mixers may be the norm now but, analog still rules! This would be a perfect mixer for a smaller theatre, or community hall or band rehearsal space or even a home studio. Here is a link to the Kijiji Classifieds Ad for this console for sale. Check it out.

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