Monday, March 28, 2016

Le Studio Morin Heights Is Dying A Horrible Death!

A piece of Canadian music history, Le Studio Morin Heights, Quebec is dying a horrible death in the forest! Le Studio used to be a world class recording studio complex that played home to Canadian power trio Rush. Other world class artists such as The Police, April Wine, Kim Mitchell, Celine Dion, Sarah McLachlan, David Bowie, Sting, and many others recorded albums there from 1974 to 2008 until the studio was shut down, closed and sold off.

Here are some pictures of what Le Studio used to look like while still in the business of recording world class music:

Now fast forward 8 years to 2016....

Now the Le Studio building sits in shambles after being damaged by vandals. All the glass windows were smashed, interior and exterior doors ripped off their hinges, graffiti spray painted on the walls and skylights broken. Of course all this exposure to the outside elements has provided even more damage to the building.
Then to top it off, it appears that the building has now become a party place for young people with evidence of beers and cigarettes. 

All of this newest evidence of destruction was captured in pictures back in November 2015 and the pictures were put together as a montage into a video. I recently found this video and I am thoroughly disgusted by the horrible condition of a piece of Canadian music history!

Since I started watching all the newest videos taken of the current state of Le Studio, I reallly wonder why the current owners have done nothing with this building in almost 8 years! They bought the space, did some initial internal demolition and then essentially walked away from it. Before all the recent vandalism from last summer, the Le Studio was still much intact and only the outside elements were wearing away at the exterior of the building. Once the vandals got a hold of it, then things deteriorated much more quickly.

Here is a recent video that I found on YouTube of some people going through the building back in November of 2015...

For all of you RUSH fans out there that know about Le Studio, you will be sadden to see the current state of the complex. Many of us agree that something should be down with the building but, now we are not sure that the building is even worth saving. The integrity of the building has been compromised thanks to a group of vandals! Damn you! Why did you have to go into a piece of Canadian music history and trash it?

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  1. I agree with you Ron. I had no connection to the studio, other than my love of Rush. After decades of believing Le Studio was only a mythical, magical place, I finally drove from Missouri to Morin Heights in July 2016. Then, I had to come back, only 9 months later, by car again. I love the place. I'm very glad I was able to explore inside, but deeply saddened and angered that vandals trashed it so badly. When I was there in 2017, 3 punk kids had gotten on the roof while I was there and I heard them breaking out some roof glass. Thankfully, the neighbors who live in Andre Perry's old house came over in their 4 wheeler and had a talk with these kids. They only spoke French, and I had to be leaving by that point. I had to make it to Pulaski NY that night.