Monday, November 23, 2015

Wiring The Stage Efficiently and Safely

Today, the feature article on is all about wiring up the stage efficiently and safely. There are some excellent tips to help every sound technician when wiring the stage. Here is the link to the article on the web site:

Another great resource I found was a downloadable spec sheet on "Stage Zones" by Radial Engineering. They are a company that manufactures snake systems and cabling assemblies and custom patch solutions. Radial products featured in the document are the: Stage Flea, Stage Bug, and Stage Slug. These are various kinds of sub snake systems for cleaning up stage wiring. 
The document features a diagram showing how the stage can be divided up into "Zones" making the wiring the stage more efficient, clean and safe. Click here to go to the Radial Engineering web site and download the PDF document:

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