Monday, August 10, 2015

Le Studio - Attacked and Vandalized !!!!! August 2015

Heard the unfortunate news that the former Le Studio building in Morin Heights, Quebec has been attacked and severely destructed by vandals! Damn you vandals! Why don't you have any respect for another person's property? Don't you realize that you just destroyed a historic building in Canadian history! Why???

The video below is taken from the Le Studio YouTube channel. Kevin, the host of the channel has already released 2 parts of a 3 part video documentary series on Le Studio. Part 3 has not been released yet but, will be the completion of the video series. Now Kevin is at a loss on how to move forward with part 3.

When you are done watching this video and seeing the senseless destruction of a historic building, I suggest you go to the RUSH YouTube page and watch 3 videos that were recorded right there in the Le Studio. The songs are, "Tom Sawyer", "Limelight", and "Vital Signs". All these tracks come from RUSH's 1980 album called Moving Pictures.

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