Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Fly To The Land Of Z" - The debut album by Gregory J. Bachman

A few years back, I became aware of a musician by the name of Gregory J. Bachman on
I started listening to samples of his instrumental rock guitar music and I became hooked. So, once it was announced that his debut album "Fly To The Land Of Z" was coming out in summer of 2014, I really wanted a copy. Since I was already a facebook friend and myspace friend with Greg, we exchanged email addresses and began keeping in contact. When Greg finally got his shipment of CDs, he sent me an autographed copy. I really enjoy Greg's instrumental style of music on the album. I listen to the disc frequently. Below is a video preview of the songs on the album. I invite you to take a listen to the excellent tracks Greg has created:

For more information about Gregory J. Bachman and how to order your copy of his debut album, "Fly To The Land Of Z", please check out Greg's web site at:

Here is the cover art for "Fly To The Land Of Z"

If you would like to buy the digital copy of the album, or the CD copy or just sample the tracks from the album, please go to the Melodic Revolution Records website here:

Rock On!!!

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