Monday, September 8, 2014

Tips On How To Generate Funds To Purchase A Sound System

My work as a sound technician has mostly revolved around bands with their own sound gear and in-house sound systems in performance venues. Occasionally, I have rented gear from my local music store for some gigs however, I have always wanted to purchase my own sound rig.

My biggest obstacle has always been lack of funds. I work a full time day job to support my family but, there is never much leftover for purchases like sound equipment. I need to find a way to generate supplemental funds to allow me to start purchasing sound equipment for my system.

My wish is to purchase the required gear for a 16 channel system to allow for live mixing of the standard 4 piece rock band. Along with enough loudspeaker coverage for a crowd up to 500. My system needs to be portable enough so that I can transport it with my van and set it up by myself.

Digital mixers and powered speakers quickly becoming the norm for most professional shows however, analog gear is still a viable option for basic shows like I work. There is so much great analog gear available for sale now that it is possible to piece together an awesome rig for a reasonable price. Personally, I learned sound mixing on analog but, I would like to try and incorporate both analog and digital technology into my proposed sound rig.

When I work sound gigs for bands and at venues with house systems, I make some good cash money for my efforts. Only problem is that I work infrequently and those monies made usually end up paying for living expenses after I work the gig. I need to find a way to start putting away the money I make from a gig and using it to eventually purchase the sound gear I want.

Here is where I am asking for help. I would like to know if there is anyone out there that would be able to give me pointers on how I could start the process of generating funds to buy sound gear without going broke at home. I would also like some help with ways to market myself better as an individual, freelance sound technician. I figure the only way I am going to make the extra money outside my day job is to work as many gigs as possible on the weekends and in my free time.

If you are reading this entry in my blog and you have any ideas of suggestions for me then, please contact me via email.

Thanks for your time.

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