Saturday, August 9, 2014

The World Famous Whisky A Go Go Upgrades to BEHRINGER's X32 Digital Mixer

This weekend I had to opportunity to mix sound on a Behringer X-32 digital mixing console. The X-32 is one of the easiest digital consoles I have had a chance to use. It was enjoyable to use.

Tonight I found a great video on the Behringer YouTube page all about the The Famous Whiskey A Go Go Club in LA upgrading from analog consoles to the Behringer X-32 digital consoles. Click below to watch the  video:

Apparently other clubs in Hollywood are installing Behringer X-32 digital consoles into their venues. Cool!
Also our local Imperial Theatre for the Performing Arts has installed a Behringer X-32 into the venue replacing a Soundcraft GB8-40 channel, analog mixing console.

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