Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gregory J. Bachman - Fly To The Land Of Z - Album #1

Today, I would like to share some information about a musician that I was first introduced to on Myspace.com. His name is Gregory J. Bachman and he is a composer, musician, producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and one amazing guitarist! Gregory Bachman hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado and has his own home recording studio where composes and records his music.

Since my introduction to Greg on Myspace music, I have been interested in his progress of creating his first album called "Fly To The Land of Z" which will be released in Summer 2014. Greg has graciously sent me a copy of his new CD and autographed for me.

The CD is a collection of instrumental compositions featuring amazing guitar work and top notch technical production and is dedicated to his son. Greg's guitar influences are from guys like Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Neal Schon, Steve Vai, and numerous others. As a guitarist myself, I can hear many of these influences in Greg's compositions. Greg is an excellent musician with amazing skills on the guitar!

Below are pictures of the "Fly To The Land Of Z" CD cover, of Greg and his son, and the CD track listing.

I also invite you to visit Greg's website at: http://www.gregoryjbachman.com/
to read Greg's bio and his musical journey that has brought us to the release of his first album.

On the website, there is a spot where you can pre-order your own autographed copy of "Fly To The Land Of Z" for only $12.00. Also, you can listen to the first single from the album called "Positive Flow".

Another item posted on the website is a video preview of songs from the new album that you can watch here.

If you are a fan of instrumental rock music, I suggest that you take a listen to the music of Gregory J. Bachman. Congratulations, Greg on the release of your first album "Fly To The Land of Z". You Rock!

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