Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Fashion Palace Presents: Super Gala Fashion Show

Okay, here is my next sound gig coming up this Sunday, November 3, 2013. The group is called The Fashion Palace and this event will be there Fall Fashion Show at The Dante Club in Sarnia, Ontario. I will be mixing sound and running lights for the show. My two daughters are modeling in the show so, it is a family thing,

The sound and lights are being provided by my friend John of the band Borderline. The sound system consists of an Allen & Heath Mix Wizard mixer, Peavey power amps, Peavey speakers and subs, Peavey/dbx/Lexicon signal processing, and Shure/AKG mics. Previously, this same audio system was used for earlier fashion shows in the same venue and it worked very well.

The lighting gear is a mixture of static par can lighting bars on tripods along with new, LED lighting bars on tripods. Because, the venue has no way of rigging lighting from the ceiling, everything must be ground mounted. Working with a strict budget, John is providing basic front lighting for the runway stage and colour lighting for the backwashes. For this show we have redesigned the setup to achieve better light levels from out front to better highlight the models on the runway.

Also, a local filmmaker has been hired to shoot video of the fashion show this year. Lighting levels will have to be bright enough to achieve desired results. I spoke with Brian, the filmmaker, about how he will shoot the video. He plans on capturing the show from all areas in the venue using a roaming camera technique. This show promises to be the most professional to date and I look forward to seeing the finished product video.

After the show is completed, I will post pictures and video from the November 3rd show for everyone to view. Until then, cheers everyone!

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