Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Found another great article on the ProSoundWeb.com website. This one is about using small mixing consoles to their fullest potential. The article is called:

Advanced Small Console Techniques: Maximizing The Available Feature Set

"What about those times when, for whatever reason, a big console is not available? That's the time for ingenuity and some special techniques"

I really learned a great deal from this article about how to make the most of a small mixing console when a big console is not available or practical for the situation. Some really great ideas here for any sound technician professional. In fact, I am going to consider purchasing a micro mixer that will fit inside my tech tool kit. Just like you would carry a DI box, or cable tester, why not a micro mixer? Read the article to see all the ways a small mixer will get you through any sound disaster or situation. There are so really great micro mixers available from companies like: Mackie, Behringer, Soundcraft, and Yamaha.

Keep on rockin'!

Here is the weblink for the article:


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