Monday, February 15, 2010

Listening To More Jazz Lately

When it comes to my musical tastes, I generally like listening to rock music which is what I grew up with. As I got older, I got more interested in blues and jazz music. When I was younger and working as a theatre technician, I got to work on all sorts of concerts at the venues I worked at. Jazz music grabbed my attention when I was in college and after once I was tech. My favourite jazz music was by: Manteca, UZEB, The Rippingtons, David Sanborn, and from a hometown artist, Jim Clayton. Jim Clayton released his first CD called "Jim Clayton's Greenhouse - Muskoka" in 1997. Once I got a hold of this disc, I have always loved it. This is one excellent jazz CD! I would recommend it to any jazz fan. Jim Clayton has recorded more music since that first CD but, living here in Sarnia, I find it hard to get good jazz music CDs in the music stores around here. For some reason, the stores just don't stock it because, jazz music is not that popular around this city. I am sure you could find the CD in the music stores in the bigger cities. Jim Clayton is now a native of Toronto, ON. where jazz music rules!

For an excellent review of the Jim Clayton's Greenhouse - Muskoka CD, go to the following link on the web site.


  1. I find myself listening to more classical music these days, mostly because I'm writing more and it is less distracting. But instrumental jazz could easily work as well. I've never heard of Jim Clayton, but listening to him on You Tube I like what I hear. I've always enjoyed vibes, as well as marimba and xylophone.
    Bruce Cockburn used marimba very nicely in his concert album "Circles in the Stream". I also really like the way Zappa used xylophone in his music --it gives this weird comic effect.

    Then, of course, Lionel Hampton and Gary Burton were absolute masters of the vibes.

    I rarely buy music in stores anymore-- for that matter it's not as easy to find as it used to be---I buy almost everything online (Amazon, etc.) because prices are good and service is fast. It's kind of sad though. I used to love going to the record stores and peruse the bins looking for new music.

  2. I listen to some Jazz like right now I am listening to David Sanborn as I am blogging. I am going to check out your recomendations too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tom Bailey

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Ron. I do remember that review; it's a little over the top, but I'm happy the guy liked the record. I haven't yet done a vibes CD, but am working on recording one in New Orleans with local musicians (my solo piano CD was done there this past April).

    Lee - if you want to hear what the latest and greatest are doing on vibes, check out Stefon Harris. He's a stunning player, and his band Blackout are world-class. He's

    My all-time favourite is still Milt Jackson. Any of Milt's records with Oscar Peterson are terrific. And I'm a big fan of Gene Estes, who recorded only a couple of vibes CDs; he was better known as a percussionist on Hollywood sessions, but his vibes records are worth the search.

    And in Sarnia, of course there's Johnny Bond. He's the first person I saw play vibes live, at a Christmas event at Jack Kennedy Music Centre, around 1990. I only found out recently that Johnny had just taken up the vibes at the time - but he sounded great!