Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Daughters Playing at the Carnival at Ribfest

Here are some pictures of my daughters Tara and Erin having fun on the rides at the carnival midway during Sarnia Ribfest. That night the band 54-40 was playing and just before the band came onstage, it started to rain a little. We took shelter under a tent but, my girls were a little freaked out thinking we were going to get a thunderstorm and they begged me to take them home. Five minutes after we got in the car and heading home, the rain stopped. Needless to say, mommy and daddy did not get to see the 54-40 concert. By the time we got home, the girls had fallen asleep in the car which ended our night out. Next year, my wife and I are going to Ribfest alone "sans" the kids!

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