Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lighter Side of Afghanistan

I have decided to post a couple pictures from my cousin Matt Ziglar's blog page. Matt Ziglar is my american cousin who is a member of the US military and is overseas in Afghanistan. The pictures show Matt with some Afghan kids and he is teaching them how to blow bubbles. Just think about that for a moment........... In the middle of a country in war there are some kids actually smiling and having a little fun! Way to go Matt!!! Maybe they could solve all their problems with "bubbles"! I am sure those kids were having a great time playing bubbles and for a minute not thinking about the problems going on around them. It would be nice if the adults (citizens, government officials, military, police, etc.) in Afghanistan and around could just find a way to get together and solve the ongoing disputes. Put down the guns, and bring out the bubble machines! I think the adult officials should take note from the kids in these pictures to just stop the madness and have fun for awhile. It is nice to see the lighter side of the world!

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