Saturday, April 25, 2009

Britany Speared by the Paps.

Earlier today I watching a show on MuchMusic called Britany Speared by the Paps. It was about the whole attraction thing of the paparazzi to Britany Spears. I was watching it trying to figure out if I feel bad for Britany being chased daily by the paparazzi or was I feeling that she really deserved it for the drama that she always seems to create. Of course, these paparazzi guys get big bucks for the so called money shot! The other thing I realized it that the public generally wants to know about Britany. Personally, I do not car for her but, at the same, I was intrigued to watch the show. All I can say is that I would not want all the fame and misfortune of Britany in my daily life. Each and every day it must be a pain to try and get into your own car without 15 guys flashing cameras in your face at the same time. These guys follow her 24-7! It would piss me off to no end everyday and I probably want to break their cameras or run them over just to get away. Then I later noticed during this show that Britany actually stops to invite them to take her picture, and follow her around a store while she is shopping. My only question would be why do we care so much about this girl. She gets more press coverage than the president or the prime minister! Honestly, she is not that interesting of a person to me. She has made music that has sold millions of records but, still she is just a singer. It seems like some pop stars just lose their minds after they become famous and make millions of dollars. Now, if you or I were making millions of dollars, we would not be miserable. We would probably be very happy to say the least. This is just my own opinion and I invite anyone to comment on this and give me your feelings.

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